Down the Pipes is a weekly, semi-private newsletter from digital troublemaker and mostly well liked person James Del. Expect mostly-coherent musings on media, culture, philosophy, technology, business and society, often described as “too wordy” but that’s really more your problem to deal with than mine.

Sometimes I just write diary entries or republish old Xanga blog posts from High School. You know, the kind of stuff we published online back when the internet had some teen angst behind it.

Other times I will make an attempt to blow your mind with something that blew my mind, almost always inspired by someone else who at one point had their mind blown by someone else.

I mean that’s all any of ::gestures broadly:: *this* is…just good people blowing the minds of all the good people they know.

Welcome on Down the Pipes.

Oh and yes, most of the content is paywalled, it just is what it is. If you know me or would like to know me (or just want a free paid subscription to whatever this is), you can sign up for the free tier and shoot me an email, your account will be comped.

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A cultural shakedown for good people who know good people.


Former party planner, ad sales exec, blanket magnate, and digital publisher. Currently going roggae in my middle age.