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Grear brief coverage of the topic. I too have mixed views about guns. I believe that with todays rechnolgy it should be possible to create guns that can not be triggered while pointing at a person. I was twelve or thirteen whe i earned a marksman medal as a boy scout with a 22 rifle. We would save a bullet and through it in a fire. We also used to play a game of chcken where we would through a knife at each others feet. Bad idea given weapons to kids below 25 in my view. I have also thought that people intent on hurting others could do it with cars, bombs, fire, poison, a bat, screwdriver, etc. But nothing is as efficient as an assault rifle - the only valid place for these is the battlefield. Perhaps we could at least legislate that robots be prohibited from carrying guns. Ideally the world would have no need for these things.

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